Digital X-rays
Our dental office is focused on bringing the latest in dental technology and services to our patients and as such, we are excited to be able to offer our patients the convenience of a digital x-ray.  These x-ray images are the latest in dental technology and provide a wide range of benefits to our patients and our dental staff.  Now you can be more involved in the diagnosis of your teeth problems, have a better understanding of treatment options, and spend less time in our office.  It’s just another way that we try to make your visit with us less stressful.

Less Radiation

There has been some concern over the amount of radiation that people are exposed to during a regular x-ray taking process.  If you share that concern, you will be happy to know that digital x-rays have been shown to use up to 90% less radiation.  We use sensor technology, in place of regular x-ray film, to capture images of your teeth so that you can feel more comfortable with the process.

Faster Turn-Around

Traditional x-rays have to be developed and this can take some time to do, but digital images change this, making the images available for viewing within seconds.  This enables our dentists to be able to see your teeth much more quickly, shortening the amount of time that you have to sit in the dentist chair.  It also speeds up the diagnosis process so that we can provide the care you need and you can resume your busy lifestyle.

Greater Involvement

With the ability to display your x-ray images on a computer monitor, our dentists can show you where the problem lies with your tooth.  This gives you the opportunity to be more involved in the diagnosis and treatment process with your teeth.  You will be able to see what the dentist sees in clear and enlarged images on the screen so that you have greater understanding of what needs to be done.  

Clearer Images

With the power to display x-rays on a computer monitor, you and your dentist can look at an x-ray of an individual tooth and see the extent of the damage that has occurred to your tooth, due to decay.  With traditional x-rays, this can be difficult to see clearly, but the dentist can magnify the digital image to point out the details.  You can view the difference between your healthy teeth and the one having issues, see the problem with your bite, or be made visually aware of other issues that may exist.
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