Oral DNA® Testing
Periodontal disease – are you at risk?

As you probably already know, periodontal disease affects millions of Americans and most do not even know they have it.  This is a serious gum disease that can occur when you do not care for your teeth as you should, but you can also have a genetic predisposition for it as well.  If anyone in your family has struggled with periodontal disease, then it is important that you get yourself tested.  As a proven contributor to serious health issues such as lung disease, heart disease, diabetes, and pregnancy complications, early detection can make a big difference in your long-term health.

Oral DNA® testing – What is a DNA test and how is it related to Periodontal disease?

Well the Oral DNA® testing procedure is a new diagnostics method where we can take a sample of your saliva and find out what kinds of bacteria are present in it.  We use this information to find out if you have periodontal disease or whether you are at risk of getting it.  By detecting dangerous bacteria in your saliva, we can put together a better treatment plan that targets the bacteria.  Certain types of bacteria can actually accelerate tooth decay so if we can find it early enough we can understand better how to prevent it from taking effect.

How a DNA test works

You are probably thinking we are going to swab your cheek in the same way that TV criminals are swabbed for DNA on your favorite crime drama. Actually, we need a larger sample than what a sterile cotton swab will collect so we use a mouth rinse that consists of a sterile solution.  You just need to move it around in your mouth a bit and then spit it into a cup.  Once we have the sample, we send it to a highly trained lab where they run salivary diagnostics on it and return the findings to us in a report.

Removing the guessing game

If you receive regular dental care and still find yourself battling periodontal issues, you will find our Oral DNA® testing an answer to your frustrations. Now, you will have a better understanding of the bacteria that your saliva contains and with better understanding comes the knowledge of how to deal with it more effectively.  Together, we can customize your oral care so that we attack the real source of your problem with antibiotic treatments that target the problem-causing bacteria.

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