One of the biggest reasons why people hesitate to go to the dentist is because they associate a visit to the dentist office with pain. Most of the time, it is not the drill that patients are afraid of – it's the needle used to administer the sedative. Now, imagine a pain-free trip to the dentist where you don’t have to go through the discomfort of having a needle injected into your gums before undergoing a dental procedure.  Does this sound too good to be true? Actually, this can be your experience with a new anesthetic called Oraqix®.  


Oraqix® is an alternative option when it comes to sedation in dentistry that eliminates the need for any type of needle to be administered.   It is applied on the gums so you never have to go through that stress of waiting for that small stab from a pointed needle.  This anesthetic is relatively new in dentistry and is already highly popular with patients everywhere.  In clinical studies, it has been shown that 70% of the patients exposed to this method preferred this type of anesthetic over the traditional needle.


Fast acting

This new sedation in dentistry method acts faster than traditional anesthetics.  Dr. Toms simply applies a small amount of Oraqix® on the top portion of the gum around the tooth that is going to be worked on.  Then we give it about 30 seconds for that area to numb and then apply a little bit more of the solution inside the pocket between your tooth and the gums.  30 seconds later, Dr. Toms is ready to start the dental procedure.  This means that you no longer have to sit for minutes, waiting for the traditional anesthetic to take effect.

Shorter recovery

Any time that you have a dental procedure performed that requires the use of an anesthetic, you usually can expect to experience numbness on the outside of your face for a good hour or so afterwards.  Oraqix®, however, has a shorter potency – about 20 minutes, which means that by the time Dr. Toms is finished with his work, the anesthetic will already be wearing off.  Another benefit comes from the fact that this anesthetic, which is new in dentistry, is applied to a specific area, so only that small area is actually numbed.  

Dentist recommended

If the sight of a needle makes you nervous, we encourage you to take advantage of this new sedation in dentistry. Oraqix® will help make your experience in the dentist chair much more comfortable.

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