Single Tooth Anesthesia®
You have come into the dentist office to have a tooth cavity taken care of.  Carefully, you sit down in the dentist chair, the chair is moved back so that you are lying down, and you brace yourself for that painful injection of anesthetic.  Now, with the availability of Single Tooth Anesthesia®, also known as STA®, your experience can be much more comfortable when it comes to receiving anesthesia.  

Controlling the flow

While you may think that the pain from an injection comes from the needle, in fact it is actually caused by the flow of the anesthetic into your gum tissues.  With a regular hypodermic needle, dentists do not have a lot of control over how much anesthesia is administered and how fast it is injected into the tissue.  However, STA® uses CompuFlo® technology with a hand piece called The Wand® to control the amount of anesthetic that enters those tissues, thereby reducing, or even eliminating the sensation of pain.  This means that our dentist can allow a small amount of anesthetic into your tissues and then gradually increase the amount as the anesthetic takes effect.  This tooth anesthesia has been shown to increase the comfort level of our patients dramatically.

Targeting a single tooth

With regular injections, a dentist must inject a good amount of anesthetic to make sure that the area around the tooth is sufficiently numb.  This usually results in the patient feeling numbness on that side of the face.   The development of this single tooth anesthesia technology eliminates this necessity. When our dentist administers the injection of anesthetic with STA® they can use The Wand® to direct the anesthetic exactly to the location they want it in, which means that they can target a single tooth, rather than a section of your mouth.  This makes it easier for the dentist, and for you, since the computer technology used in the STA® system allows the dentist to determine how much anesthetic is needed for the tooth.  

Optimal dose

The Wand® gives our dentists the ability to make sure that you are receiving the optimal dose of anesthetic that you need at a flow that you can comfortably handle.  You will no longer have to prepare yourself ahead of time to receive that painful shot and you will find your visits to our office much less stressful.  In fact, many of our patients benefit from this new technology and continually tell us how amazed they are at the difference that STA® makes.

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