Advanced Gum Disease Treatment for Better Outcomes

Dr. Michael C. Toms has used LANAP® on Cincinnati, OH area patients suffering from gum disease for many years. This system is state of the art and has many important advantages to consider, which include decreased discomfort and shorter recovery time.

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A More Comfortable Dental Care Experience

Dental care is a very important part of overall healthcare, but some people are simply too scared to see a dentist. You should know that you are not alone. Dr. Michael Toms offers sedation dentistry to patients in Cincinnati, OH. There are different levels of sedation, and it is best to consult Dr. Toms to determine you personalized treatment plan.

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  LANAP Laser Treatment

The LANAP Laser Treatment can gently remove the bacteria that cause gum disease without using a scalpel or sutures! This gentle gum surgery alternative is minimally invasive, with most patients returning to work the same day!

  Dental Implant Questions

Choosing an implant dentist can be challenging but it's important to find the right doctor for your needs. Find out the "Top Ten Questions" you should ask your doctor before you consider getting dental implants.

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