Heart Disease
Researching The Link Between Gum Disease And Heart Disease

The relationship between gum disease and heart disease has become an increasingly important topic of research and study. The research of some scientists has shown that gum disease can increase the likelihood of heart disease. This link appears to manifest itself when bacteria infect swollen or injured gums and then spread throughout the blood. The bacteria will then create a protein which is active in the formation of clots. This is only one example of the research being conducted. There are some very distinguished individuals and organizations participating in continuing research about the relationship between periodontal disease and heart disease. These include:
• The Society for General Microbiology
• The University of Bristol
• The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
• British Dental Association
• The British Heart Foundation

These examples only include those participating in one set of research and study in the United Kingdom. Some of the most basic findings simply link a lack of consistent tooth brushing to an increased possible risk concerning heart disease. Researchers seem to agree that more study and analysis is necessary before the relationship is completely understood.

Further Explanation on the Relationship

Some scientists believe that Streptococcus bacteria are responsible for the link. These bacteria are the cause of tooth plaque and other forms of oral disease. The bacteria make their way from the mouth to other areas of the body when the gums are inflamed, have open sores, or are receding. As the Streptococcus bacteria make their way through the bloodstream, they create a protein, PadA, which plays an important role in forcing the platelets of the bloodstream to form a clot. The resulting clots may be responsible for shielding the bacteria from attack through the immune system and also from any antibiotics that have been prescribed. 

The clotting proteins protect the growth of the bacteria. They may also create clots, growths and inflammation that can create problems in the functioning of the heart. The clots may also disrupt the flow of blood between the heart and the brain.

Periodontal Disease Treatment and the Connection to Heart Health

Most of the prevention of periodontal disease begins before you have ever visited with a periodontist. By the simple means of daily brushing and flossing, making healthy choices of food and drink, and consistent visits to a dental health professional, most periodontal disease treatment won’t even become necessary. Obviously, there are several factors involved in the appearance of heart disease. However, when proper oral hygiene habits are maintained, in addition to other heart-healthy behaviors, the chances of preventing heart disease or at least reducing the possibility of heart disease becomes much more likely. 

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