Studies have estimated that 40 million men and women throughout the world are currently suffering from the bone disease Osteoporosis or have a high likelihood of developing it in the near future. With its detrimental impact on bone structures throughout the body, individuals suffering from this serious disease may contract severe jawbone concerns, often resulting in major tooth loss. 

Senior aged Caucasian women are at the highest risk of developing this disease, but it can affect anyone. Understanding the seriousness of the disease, and what you can do to prevent it, may save you extremely negative effects in the future.

Understanding This Disease Of The Bone

When a person is diagnosed with Osteoporosis, it literally means their bones have become porous or brittle. Over time, this serious bone degeneration can progress to a devastating amount. 

Healthy bones naturally have a honeycomb-like structure. Bones affected by this serious disease, however, have holes that are far larger than they should be, making the bone structure extremely weak. As the disease progresses, bones continue to lose essential bone density, creating a brittle structure that is easily broken. 

To create the possibility for growth and development, bones are essentially alive. As nutrients are absorbed into the body, bone tissue continues to be replaced with new and healthy bone growth.  As individuals become affected by this bone disease, the body is unable to keep up with this natural process of renewal. Old bone continues to be absorbed, but without the addition of new essential growth, bones quickly become extremely broken down.  

Osteoporosis And Oral Health

When a person develops this type of a bone disease, any bone is at risk. The jawbone is often affected, leaving teeth without their vital natural support. Studies have shown that women suffering from this disease are at a much higher risk of experiencing tooth loss than those without it. 

Normally, when tooth loss occurs, individuals can use dentures as a convenient replacement for their loss. When a person’s jawbone structure has become severely weakened through the effects of bone disease, dentures may become difficult or even impossible to wear. 

In addition to its effects on jawbone structure, Osteoporosis can also affect a person’s gums. Gum disease and other gum problems often follow, likely resulting from a weaker protection against harmful bacteria.

What You Can Do To Help

To keep your bones healthy and to fight off future tooth and gum problems, remember the following:
• Eat a variety of healthy fruits and vegetables each day to ensure adequate nutrition
• Participate in daily physical activities to keep bones strong
• Avoid harmful substances such as cigarette smoke and alcohol
• Keep up with regular dental visits and report any concerns early on

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