Tooth and Bone Loss
The importance of teeth goes far beyond your favorite eating habits, although diet is a major concern as well. Tooth loss can come about through many different situations, including illness, injury, and preventable bacterial problems. No matter how tooth loss occurs, many different dental and health problems may follow. 

Inadequate Nutritional Support

If you have several missing teeth, you may have a difficult time receiving the nutrition your body needs. Chewing is an essential part of eating, so without that necessary function your nutritional needs may suffer. To supplement your eating habits, you may need to start consuming a diet consisting of only soft or liquid meals. Although many soft foods are very healthy, it may become difficult to gain adequate nutritional support through such a restricted diet. 

A diet that has become severely limited may cause you to become constipated, underweight, and overall unhealthy. 

Difficulty Communicating

Teeth play a vital role in communication. As you say letter sounds including “s”, “d”, and “th”, the tongue comes in direct contact with your teeth. If your teeth are missing, it may become difficult or even impossible to say these everyday sounds clearly. You may develop a lisp, which can be difficult to understand. 

The teeth also effect the positioning of the tongue by holding it in place. With severe tooth loss, your tongue may begin to fill in the missing space. It may begin to broaden and thicken, making your speech difficult to understand. 

Jawbone Loss

The jawbone is often greatly affected by tooth problems. When teeth fall out, the jawbone stops receiving essential stimulation. This often results in dangerous bone loss as the jawbone begins to break down. Jawbone loss generally progresses at a fast rate, often making it impossible for individuals to wear dental prosthetics (i.e. dentures). 

Severe Pain Due To Misalignment

When teeth begin to fall out, other teeth may start to shift and bones may deteriorate. This can cause severe misalignment in the mouth, often drastically altering a person’s bite. When misalignment becomes more severe, individuals may begin to suffer from extreme pain in the jaw and neck. Headaches may also come as a result of misalignment.

Physical Changes In Appearance

When a person has multiple missing teeth, their physical appearance can change dramatically. Often times, these individuals physically appear much older than they should.  In addition to large gaps in their smile, these individuals may also suffer from a “sunken in” appearance in their facial structure. 

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