About Our Implant Dentures in Cincinnati, OH

a patient enjoying her implant dentures from Cincinnati, OH
Using dentures can increase your confidence when you have missing teeth, while still giving you the option of removing them when you would like. In the modern world of dentistry, these substitutes can feel just as natural as your regular teeth. There are two main types: full or partial. Sitting down with your dentist is the best way to decide which type is right for you.

Understanding Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant supported differ from the regular type in that they are set to inserts placed in your jaw rather than to your gums. In this situation, your teeth will snap into place with the inserts rather than directly to your gums, avoiding the need for pastes or adhesives.  You may also be able to remove them at night for cleaning.

Different types of Implant Supported Dentures

  • Bar-Retained: This type of denture is help in place firmly and much less likely to come loose.  There is also less discomfort involved, as they are attached to a metal bar that runs along your gum line.  The insert is then attached to the metal bars using clips, and the denture rests securely on top.
  • Ball-Retained: This involves using a ball and socket design to surgically attach them to the implant in the gums.  The two pieces will snap together where the ball and sockets meet.  Benefits to this type include being able to eat more foods and speak more clearly.

Dental Implant Basics

Dental implants have been around for long enough that you can feel secure about your decision to have them.  They are placed surgically into your jawbone, and will prevent your teeth from slipping or making noises that may be embarrassing.  You can avoid decay because they are made of titanium, and no bone loss is involved because they are inserted directly into your jawbone.

The First Step – The Implant Process

You will follow some basic steps before your procedure.  An exam with your doctor will go over all the necessary x-rays and paperwork.  Your next step will be to have them surgically placed.  After about six months, your second surgery will place a collar on the head of your exposed insert.  Two weeks later, at your third appointment, you will be given regular abutments to attach your dentures.  Finally, you will come to try on your dentures and make sure that they fit.

Making The Right Decision

You can relieve yourself of many of the discomforts of using regular dentures by choosing the implant-supported type. You can avoid a high level of pain and discomfort with these newer developments.  These new technologies have been a true revolution in the field.

  LANAP Laser Treatment

The LANAP Laser Treatment can gently remove the bacteria that cause gum disease without using a scalpel or sutures! This gentle gum surgery alternative is minimally invasive, with most patients returning to work the same day!

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