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Often people have only heard of removable dentures as an option to give the illusion of a full set of teeth.  Dentures rest on top of the gums and can be removed for cleaning or at night.  Because dentures rest on the gums, no stimulation of the jawbone is achieved and a patient can experience significant bone loss in the jaw almost immediately. To avoid these complications, implant supported dentures are anchored in the mouth using dental implants.  This is typically used for the lower jaw, but can be used for the top gums as well.

The implant dentures snap in over the dental implants, which eliminates the problems you find with removable dentures because they are very stable and secure.  You can either choose to have removable implant dentures or fixed dentures, which mimic permanent teeth.  Whichever you choose, they are usually considered a better option than traditional false teeth.

Bar-retained dentures require the placement of at least three dental implants. The implants are secured into the jawbone with metal bars in between the implant along the gum. The denture then sits on top of the bars and is attached using metal clips. 

Ball-retained dentures are another option, which involve using studs to attach them. This is done using a ball and socket mechanism. The base of the denture has several sockets that are made to line up with the implants in the jaw. Once the ball and sockets come together, they give the denture a very secure fit so there is no slipping or loosening. Once in place, the denture is secure so there are no embarrassing moments of being unable to speak or eat normally.

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