Periodontal Maintenance
Periodontal maintenance therapy is one of the best ways to reduce the expansion of periodontal disease in the mouth. This type of program is ongoing in order to adequately protect the gum tissue and the teeth from developing harmful gum disease.  The benefit to this type of therapy is that those who are susceptible to gum disease can reduce the symptoms, and in many cases reverse the adverse effects of the disease.  If you have a history of gum disease issues, Dr. Toms will be able to prescribe the best periodontal maintenance therapy to satisfy your dental needs in an effort to keep potential gum disease at bay.  It is important to note that if the disease is dealt with in the early stages, the better chances you have to stop it in its tracks, reducing the damage and discomfort that later stages of periodontal disease can cause.

Is Maintenance Therapy Needed?

Plaque exists in every mouth at one time or another, but when left unchecked, stagnant plaque can cause gum disease. The main cause for gum disease is the calculus that plaque bacteria created on the surface of the teeth and gum tissue. This calculus contains harmful toxins that directly attack the gum and bone tissue in the mouth.  The only way to fully remove this harmful material is through consistently scheduled dental visits with Dr. Toms.  During these visits, Dr. Toms will be able to completely remove the built up calculus from the gum and tooth tissue to keep gum disease from forming or from getting worse.

While good dental hygiene is absolutely necessary to follow, it alone is not enough to completely prevent the forming of calculus to build up over time.  During your visits with Dr. Toms, he and his hygienists will regularly check the mouth for hidden or potential periodontal problems.

Do Maintenance Schedules Vary?

The fact of the matter is that every mouth is different from one another.  This means that one mouth may produce plaque at a faster rate than that of a different mouth.  By visiting regularly with Dr. Toms, he will be able to customize a maintenance schedule that fits your mouth perfectly.  Dr. Toms will analyze many different factors in order to create a maintenance plan.  These factors include, but are not limited to: susceptibility to gum disease, stage of existing gum disease, types of treatments that have been performed previously, and how your mouth reacted to previous treatments.  

Another important factor that is considered when scheduling a maintenance plan is how regularly you practice good dental hygiene care.  If a consistent dental hygiene regiment is followed, the frequency of scheduled visits may be lessened on a case by case basis.   

As you can see, the best way to avoid harmful gum disease is by visiting Dr. Toms regularly as well as practicing good oral hygiene.  By doing these two things, you will be much better prepared to combat existing gum disease, as well as prevent gum disease from forming in the first place. 

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