Ridge Preservation (Socket Preservation)
Ridge preservation is a procedure that is done by grafting bone materials to rebuild and stabilize the jaw bone after there has been a tooth extraction or multiple teeth extractions. When teeth get extracted from the mouth, the soft tissue and the bone that surrounded the tooth will often begin to deteriorate, shrink, and collapse because they will not have the root of the teeth to stimulate them. If someone plans to have a dental implant after an extraction, they will need to have a socket preservation procedure done. Without the preservation, you may not be able to receive a dental implant. If you are able to, it may become more expensive and time consuming to have the procedure done properly. 

The Procedure


When the tooth is removed the preservation procedure is performed. When Dr. Toms removes the tooth, or teeth, it will be done with great caution so that the bone that remains will be intact and undamaged. The bone grafting product will then be placed into the area. Some of the specialized grafting products that might be used for the bone graft are an autogenous graft or an allograft. An alloplast / xenograft may also be used as grafting materials. The bone graft will adhere to the bone and help to build and re-grow the bone in the socket so that it is prepared to have a dental implant. Stitches or a membrane will be used to close up the socket after the grafting is done. Before you can receive your dental implant, you will need to wait approximately 3-5 months so that the area has the proper amount of time to heal. The doctor will monitor the progress and decide when you are ready for your implant. 

This procedure can reduce the amount of loss that the bone experiences when one or more teeth have been removed from the mouth. Ridge, or socket preservation, will prepare the mouth for a future implant without need to have further grafting procedures. It is cost effective and much less painful than waiting until you are going to have the implant placed. Aside from the health and cost benefits of having this procedure done, it can preserve your beautiful smile.

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