Michael C. Toms, DDS, MS

  • Michael C. Toms, DDS, MS is an experienced periodontist who graduated with his specialization from Ohio State University in 1996. Since then, he has been helping patients who suffer from various forms and effects of periodontal disease. Dr. Toms is passionate about his continued education and training to ensure he can meet the needs of his patients with the best and most effective periodontal treatments available.


The health of your gums is vital to your health and well-being and a primary concern to Dr. Toms. Research has shown that many other illnesses and diseases can be linked to gum disease such as heart disease, low birth weight, pancreatic cancer, and stroke. For this reason, Dr. Toms and his staff work hard to educate patients on the importance of taking care of their dental health. He believes that taking care of your gums is one of the best ways to prevent future health issues.

In addition to patient education, Dr. Toms places an emphasis on utilizing the most advanced technology to serve our patients and deliver real results. Recently, he invested in an ICAT machine that enables more detailed scans and models for guided implant surgeries. This allows patients to get the most aesthetically pleasing results for their dental implants. Along with the ICAT, Dr. Toms invested in a 3D printer for precision crowns and implants. 

Dr. Toms strives for excellence in everything he does. Around our office, you will find a friendly and caring staff who have this same work ethic. Your needs always come first and we work hard to deliver exceptional results for each of our patients. Call us today at (513) 922-7300 to set up your next appointment.

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