When teeth are missing in the upper jaw, surrounding bone tissue can deteriorate over time. As the jaw shrinks, the sinus has room to expand down and fill that space. This creates a situation in which the sinus is too close and there is too little bone material to support a dental implant. In these cases, a sinus lift procedure is required before dental implant surgery can begin. A sinus lift is a procedure that allows the oral surgeon to move the bottom of the sinus back up to where it should be. Once the sinus is lifted via a small incision in the bone, Dr. Toms will carefully insert a bone graft and other materials that will, over time, mesh with the rest of your bone and hold the sinus up in place. This procedure ensures the sinus is in the proper location for the patient and that there is plenty of bone to support and hold an implant.

Not every patient who needs an implant will need a sinus lift. Dr. Toms will evaluate each patient to determine if they have enough bone structure to support a dental implant. Some people just have lower sinuses as a natural occurrence, not necessarily due to injury or deterioration. For others, it may be the result of bone loss over time or some sort of trauma.

Sinus lifts generally take an average of four to six months to heal entirely. During this time, Dr. Toms will not be able to place an implant until the bone and tissue are significant enough to support an implant’s titanium post. Since implants place pressure on the jaw, like other teeth, through chewing and biting, it’s necessary to wait for complete healing before placing the implant. Dr. Toms and his skilled team strives to ensure every step of the process is done properly and that you are as comfortable as possible throughout.

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