Another improved method Dr. Toms will use to numb the mouth is with Oraqix®. Oraqix® is a gel-like topical medication used to decrease the sensation of a specific area of the mouth. It’s an effective way to eliminate pain for many dental procedures.

Oraqix® is a combination of the numbing agents lidocaine and prilocaine. This combination provides the dual benefits of the correct strength in anesthetizing effect and the appropriate onset and duration of numbing that is needed for the entire treatment. Oraqix® will begin working in as little as 30 seconds and will provide sufficient anesthesia so Dr. Toms and his team can perform the treatment. Oraqix® is not for injection so it is a great option for patients who have anxiety about receiving an injection for anesthesia.

Oraqix® is ideal anesthesia for multiple procedures, but Dr. Toms and the dental hygiene team will use if often for scaling and root planing treatment. It’s quite versatile and can be used for a single tooth or a whole mouth procedure. Lastly, Oraqix® is easy for our team to use — no needle required!

The entire team at Dr. Toms’ office wants to put you at ease when it comes to visiting the office for dental treatment. They seek the best treatment for you, including various forms of anesthesia, and will work diligently to ensure your comfort. Please be sure to discuss your preferences for treatment so they can be sure to do whatever is possible to make your experience positive.