Another way Dr. Toms uses innovative technology in order to provide you with the best dental care possible is with our digital X-ray machine. The images offered by a digital system are faster and more clear, which have completely improved the way we diagnose and treat your mouth. In addition to that, digital X-rays require less radiation than traditional X-rays.

Digital X-rays, also known as digital radiography, is an advanced version of X-ray imaging that uses digital sensors instead of traditional photographic film. These sensors are connected to a computer and then placed in your mouth so the exposed image is instantly shown on the computer screen. Dr. Toms and you can discuss the image immediately and decide on your treatment plan sooner. Images can be electronically filed for later reference, and if necessary they can be shared with another dentist or specialist, thus eliminating the need to take more X-rays.

The clarity and detail in a digital image far surpass the quality of a traditional image. This provides Dr. Toms with a clearer and more confident path for diagnosis and treatment. It also allows us to catch problems early. For instance, because the image is clearer we can see a cavity at its earliest onset and therefore address it before it worsens. Digital X-rays also help us discover bone loss earlier, which previously wasn’t found until a very serious stage of the disease. These scans can also detect growths in the jaw.

When you know more, you do better and this is evident with digital X-ray technology.