Implant-supported dentures are a wonderful option for anyone with more than a single tooth missing. They provide the stability of single dental implants but also offer the functionality of having multiple connected teeth replaced. Patients needing several adjacent teeth replacements may find that the implant-supported denture will work well for them and provide a more stable option than removable dentures.

Patients switching from regular dentures also have the option of a full set of upper or lower implant-supported dentures. Although these types of dentures may still be removable for proper cleaning, they will not slip or rub like regular dentures. They are completely secured to the jawbone by the implanted titanium post. This means you will not need to use any adhesives to keep your dentures from moving. They will always be secure until you choose to take them out.

The implant-supported dentures will feel just like regular teeth. They fit right up against your gums and connect securely to the titanium implants. Some varieties will even snap on and off for easy cleaning. Whether you plan to replace two or more teeth in a row or get a full set of implant-supported dentures, these will be a longer-lasting, more permanent alternative to regular dentures.

Not only will these be more secure and feel more natural than regular dentures, but they are also a great option to help to stimulate your jawbone. Without teeth to stimulate the bone tissue, your jawbone can begin to deteriorate. Having implants in place of teeth helps ensure your jawbone remains healthy. Since regular dentures do not have the ability to stimulate the jawbone, implant-supported dentures are a better long-term option.

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