Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure, or LANAP®, is an innovative method of gum disease treatment that targets and removes bacteria with a laser. Dr. Toms is pleased to offer LANAP® to his patients because it far surpasses previous methods of treating gum disease. LANAP® is unique because it does not harm or remove healthy tissue. While traditional periodontal treatment may involve gum tissue removal and reduction of overall gums, LANAP® only targets bacteria and infected tissue. This ensures you have as much healthy gum tissue left intact as possible, which is exactly what you want.

Unlike traditional methods, LANAP® does not require cutting with a scalpel or stitching with sutures. Everything is done gently, precisely, and effectively with a laser. Without sutures, healing time is drastically shortened, as well as the pain and discomfort that can result from traditional surgeries. Patients who undergo LANAP® rarely need prescribed pain medication during the healing process. Whereas pain medications are more common with traditional gum treatment recovery. This makes LANAP® an excellent choice for our patients that allows them to see instant results without the pain and healing time of gum reduction or larger tissue removal.

LANAP® is also effective in helping reattach the gum tissue to teeth. After pockets of bacteria and diseased tissue have been removed, the laser is then able to target the blood in the area and make it sticky. This helps the gum tissue attach to the teeth and create an enclosed environment that does not allow new bacteria to enter and thus stabilizes the space for effective healing. Your LANAP® procedure can be completed during one session with Dr. Toms at our Cincinnati office.

Due to the way the laser controls the tissue in the target areas, many patients experience little to no swelling or bleeding following this procedure. This makes it a far more popular and less invasive method of treatment than traditional cutting and stitching. Dr. Toms also recommends LANAP® since this treatment does not require bone grafting. In fact, the lasers can actually help stimulate and regenerate jawbones that have deteriorated as a result of periodontal disease or injury.

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