The use of laser equipment for dental procedures has put the negative stereotypes associated with dentistry to rest. Treatments with laser equipment minimize pain, time, and recovery. Dr. Toms cares deeply for his patients and has chosen to make the investment in this equipment to benefit your experience at his Cincinnati office.

As a periodontist, Dr. Toms spends a lot of time repairing patients’ soft and hard tissues of the mouth. Although a dental laser can be used in over twenty different procedures, most often, they are used for treatments involving soft tissue. Laser therapy is effective in treating periodontal disease, or gum infection, by removing bacteria and encouraging the growth of healthy gum tissue. Additionally, the laser can be used to maneuver the gums so Dr. Toms can access deeper areas, reshape the gums, or remove excess gum tissue.
Using a dental laser for hard-tissue procedures, such as removing decay from a tooth, is also beneficial to patients. Dental Lasers are less invasive, cause less bleeding, and recovery is often quick and painless. More often than not, the patient does not need or want anesthesia when a laser is used to prepare the tooth to receive a filling. No longer are the traditional and painful methods of drilling, cutting, and scraping your only option. Now, you can sit back and relax while Dr. Toms and his team take care of your dental needs with a quiet and painless dental laser.

Laser technology has changed dentistry for the better. There is no reason to avoid professional dental treatment because you are afraid of the pain, recovery time, and overall discomfort. Laser therapy makes treatments efficient, effective, and amazingly more comfortable. You will be able to keep your natural teeth, improve your smile, and maintain overall better health.