Some of the discomfort of dental procedures can be attributed to the numbing process. To prevent you from feeling pain and allow the dentist to perform the needed dental work in your mouth, the area will need to be anesthetized, typically with local anesthesia, for many dental procedures. Generally, at a minimum, an entire side of your mouth is numbed for several hours, even if only 1 tooth is being worked on. However, with the advanced technology of single tooth anesthesia, now Dr. Toms can numb only the tooth that is receiving treatment.

A study completed by several universities and reported in the National Center for Biotechnology Information, compared single tooth anesthesia and conventional anesthesia showed strong support for single tooth numbing as an effective advancement in dental care. The study looked at four key components of anesthesia:

Pain sensation during injection
Its effectiveness in achieving a completely painless dental treatment
Post-operative discomfort
A patient’s anxiety toward dental treatment

These four areas of the study concluded that the single tooth anesthesia technique resulted in lower pain, discomfort, and less anxiety for patients. Dr. Toms will use The Wand Injection System for this method of anesthesia, the same system used in the study. He will discuss with you if this method is applicable for your treatment.

Advancements in dentistry are undoubtedly making dental procedures for patients more comfortable and Dr. Toms is pleased to take advantage of these opportunities to improve his patients’ experience.

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