In recent years, studies have indicated a systemic link between our oral health and the health of other systems in our body. The research has linked the bacteria present in our mouths with our body’s susceptibility for gum disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and birth complications. Dr. Toms believes having this advanced information can help his patients improve their health and ultimately, their lives.

Dr. Toms partners with a salivary diagnostic service that will evaluate a sample of your saliva to determine what bacteria are present and how much there is of it. This information can help you understand your current health status and enable you to better prepare for your long-term health and vitality.

Proactive choices, when it comes to your health, are always beneficial. Waiting to make the healthy choice until after a diagnosis usually means a more costly remedy. Take the preventive approach by working with the team at Michael C. Toms, DDS office. Together you can truly address your health concerns and face them as a team, head-on.