Periodontal plastic surgery is generally used as a cosmetic procedure to improve the look of a patient’s gum line. It is common for people to have what is called a “gummy smile.” This happens when gum tissue extends further over the teeth than desired, revealing excess gums when someone smiles.

This is easily corrected with periodontal plastic surgery. In fact, it takes only a few minutes per tooth and has relatively little to no pain for patients. The procedure begins with some anesthetic to ensure the patient is comfortable. After that, Dr. Toms makes small incisions in the gum and bone to remove excess tissue and uncover more of the teeth. The result is a fuller, whiter smile with less gum tissue in the way. This procedure may also be called gum contouring as it is effective in reshaping the gum line to a better aesthetic appearance.

At times this surgery may be more functional than cosmetic. An example would be if a tooth has broken off below the gumline. Dr. Toms may need to remove some of the excess gum tissue in order to properly extract the damaged root and prepare the area for an implant. The functional type of restorative surgery may require sutures, unlike the cosmetic procedure which heals within a few days.

The crown lengthening procedure can be performed on a single tooth or the entire row, depending on your situation. Whether you simply need a gum lift in one spot or across the entire gum line, Dr. Toms can improve and brighten your smile. A smile with more white teeth showing and less of a “gummy look” will instantly boost your self-confidence.

Healing takes only a few days for a cosmetic gum lift, which makes this a quick and easy procedure for patients. Sometimes the patient may need to keep the area iced for the first 24 hours to keep swelling down. A functional procedure, however, may require some sutures which would then need to be removed in six to ten days. Either way, it is a safe and simple procedure and improves the look of your smile dramatically.

Dr. Toms can examine your gums and provide you with an outline for a customized plan for your individual situation. He is always happy to discuss all the options you have so you can decide which is the right treatment for you.

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