An oral pathology exam is an important part of your consistent periodontal checkup routine. Along with gum disease, there are several other illnesses that can be diagnosed with an examination of your mouth. Dr. Toms will look for areas of concern in your mouth, which will ensure issues are caught as early as possible.

With an oral pathology exam, Dr. Toms will check for signs of specific diseases, such as leukoplakia, fibroma, mucous membrane pemphigoid, lichen planus, and pregnancy tumors. The oral exams can also help you identify heart disease, oral cancer or Crohn’s disease. If anything is found that looks suspicious, Dr. Toms may recommend performing a biopsy. A biopsy procedure will remove a portion of tissue and send it to a pathology lab for review. The results often help diagnose illnesses and aid in creating a plan for treatment.

Periodontists also recommend self-checkups to be able to spot lesions and other deformities that could cause problems. The more familiar you are with the normal and healthy features of your mouth, the easier it will be to identify abnormal growths or spots. Symptoms of serious issues may show up as red or white patches, chronic cough or sore throat, lumps in the neck region, or sores that bleed or do not heal. Dr. Toms can advise you on specific ways to check for these issues. In some cases, he may also recommend nose or throat specialists to further diagnose and treat specific issues.

The health of your mouth is vitally important. Whether you are looking for signs of specific serious ailments, such as oral cancer, or you have a question about an area of your mouth. These symptoms should not be ignored or disregarded. If you are not sure what is causing certain symptoms, or if you see unusual growth or spots, contact Dr. Toms to schedule an appointment to have it checked out. Prevention and early treatment are far less intrusive or expensive than dealing with advanced stages of health issues.

For an oral pathology exam and to find out if your current periodontal health poses any risk, please contact Dr. Toms today. Call our team at (513) 922-7300 to set up an appointment.